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In 2019, Keystone Group launched plant for the production of sulfur bentonite, which makes us the first and only manufacturer and supplier of this type of fertilizer. The company’s infrastructure and factory facilities allow us to produce up to 60,000 tons of finished product annually.

Sulphur bentonite – innovative new fertilizer

  • 1st plant for the production of Sulphur bentonite

  • The ability to produce up to 60 000 tons of finished products per month

  • The plant has already been started in 2019.

Sulphur bentonite – mineral fertilizer combined with nitrogen fertilizers allows getting a double crop.
Global demand for Sulphur bentonite for agriculture is growing rapidly each year due to the size of the nitrogen fertilizer market.
Our company indents to implement the ready product in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, using the company’s existing distribution centers.

Sulphur bentonite – a solution to the challenge of delivering sulphur to the soil

How it works?

The thiobacillus bacterium is naturally occurring in nearly all soils. When Sulphur bentonite is applied, the moisture in the soil is absorbed into the bentonite clay, which swells and breaks the pastille into a small sulphur particles. These small particles have sufficient surface area for the thiobacillus bacteria to convert the elemental sulphur into sulphate form, which is then available for plant nutrition. Thereby it will enable an efficient uptake of the Sulphur by the growing plants.


Before use should be known professional agronomic advice to provide an accurate application rate, depending upon soil pH (indicator pH>7), moisture and nutrient content. At the mixing stage minerals necessary for your soil can be added, such as zinc, iron or copper upon the request of the client.

Benefits of sulphur bentonite

Sulphur bentonite is a next generation product, designed to optimize and meet the needs of advanced farming